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Cabotswood is an original family-owned company, who design beautiful handmade country boots.  Emanating classic British country style, Cabotswood boots are perfect for wearing in both the town and the countryside.  Cabotswood boots are designed in Britain and handmade in Portugal, using cow leather for a soft, comfortable but durable fit.

Waterproof but breathable

Cabotswood is best known for its high quality waterproof and breathable boots. The linings and membranes used are manufactured in Europe by celebrated German textile producers. This provides the highest standards of finish and more importantly ensures the wearer stays dry and warm.

A fit for you

Another core part of Cabotswood boot design is the choice of calf widths (slim, regular and wide). Irrespective of your shape, there’s a beautifully tailored, handstitched boot with detailing that will give you a long, lean graceful look. From Gatcombe, a slim fit for women, to Banbury the ever popular unisex regular fit and Highgrove, the wide fit also for both men and women. The hardest choice will be which of the deep, rich colours to choose.

Country Lifestyle Boots

As well as the popular range of Cabotswood’s waterproof and breathable boots there are several high quality Country Lifestyle boots, perfect for town and village life. The most popular of these is the Wincanton, a Spanish style riding boot in three colour ways. Warm Chestnut (shown below), rich Oak or the lovely suede/leather blend of Chocolate/Chestnut.

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